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Charlotte ADU Builders Presents- Top 5 Neighborhoods for ADU's in Charlotte, NC

Map of Charlotte NC
Map of Charlotte North Carolina Neighborhoods

ADU's and detached garage projects are becoming more and more common in Charlotte, NC. There are many reasons for this explosion of construction projects. First, with many homeowners sitting on 2%-3% mortgages, it is very unappealing to sell their current residence and acquire a new home with a 7%-8% mortgage! Additionally, Charlotte has historically been a very affordable metro that allowed homeowners to trade up to a larger house with a reasonable mortgage. According to Zillow, in April of 2024, the median sold price in Charlotte was $432,250.

With housing becoming increasingly expensive in the Queen City, many homeowners are making their current home, their "forever home", by upfitting their current houses with additional space via a garage, or ADU. As discussed in a previous article, almost every lot in town is now eligible to build one ADU!

As we look at our list of ADUs that we are currently building at Charlotte ADU Builders, we see that there are themes for neighborhoods that are enthusiastic about upgrading their current residence with an ADU. The first theme is center city concentration, the neighborhoods where we are doing the highest volume of builds are all well within the 485 beltline. The second pattern shows that neighborhoods south and east of Uptown currently have the highest concentration of ADU projects. Let's get to the list!

Top 5 Neighborhoods for ADUs in Charlotte, NC (in no particular order)

  1. Chantilly

  2. Dilworth

  3. Southpark

  4. Plaza Midwood

  5. Oakhurst

The patterns of ADU construction will evolve as our city becomes more aware of the options to add additional square footage via ADUs and Garage/ADU combos. Stay tuned as we continue to share our perspective!


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