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How Long Does It Take To Build An ADU in Charlotte, NC?

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How long does it Take to Build an ADU in Charlotte, NC? The answer is- about as long as it takes to read this article (assuming you have the right builder).




There are 3 fundamental phases to building an ADU, creating the floor plan, permitting through the city and county, and finally the build!




Phase 1- Creating the Perfect Floor Plan


Creating your desired floor plan for your ADU or detached garage can be an exercise in artistic expression or a simple process. Regardless of how unique your vision might be, at Charlotte ADU Builders, we believe being involved in the initial creation of the plan makes for a smoother partnership with our clients. If a client is responsive, we find that a plan can be created in a few weeks. Once that step is completed, we provide the plans to an Engineer so that they take the aesthetic concept and design the structural components (footing/foundation/framing/roof, etc.) to achieve the client's vision, while making sure that it is built to last!



Phase 2- Permitting


Once we have the plan completed, it is time to work with the city and county for the proper permitting to be able to build your ADU! We are very proud of our relationships with the departments on the city and county level and have had tremendous success executing permits in a time-effective manner. While many builders are struggling to receive permits after months and months of navigating the system, we are typically able to receive permits in about 30 days.




Phase 3- The Build!


There are a finite number of builders in the Charlotte market that have built ADU's and this makes it a laborious and lengthy process to bring in the right team members to execute e project of this scale. It is currently taking most builders, approximately 6-9 months to complete the construction of an ADU. At Charlotte ADU Builders, we are currently averaging 100 days to build a beautiful ADU project!




If you are interested in a conversation about building an ADU or detached garage, we would love to speak with you! Please give us a call at 704-606-4522 or email us at


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