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Who Builds ADU’s in Charlotte, NC?

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Charlotte NC has been one of the most desirable locations for individuals looking to relocate over the past decade. As the population in the Charlotte Metro area continues to skyrocket, homeowners are looking to ADU’s as a way to customize their properties to make their current residence, their forever home. As homeowners start to investigate the prospect of building an ADU, the obvious question becomes, who builds ADU’s in Charlotte NC?

In many large metropolitan areas, ADU’s have been a staple of in town living. It is far more cost effect to build an ADU, then to sell your current home and try to find a property that meets all of the needs of your family under one roof. Truth be told, many homeowners prefer a separate structure to house their guests and family members so that Uncle Jerry can store his dirty socks somewhere else during Thanksgiving.

Strategy- Do it Yourself/ Container ADU

ADU’s create a number of interesting and creative ways for a someone to add square footage to their house. There are some handy individuals that will bring in a shipping container and modify it to meet their needs for an area to work on creative projects, watch games or have friends over to create a fun vibe away from the main house. For some the cost effectiveness of customizing a shipping container can be a great fit for a family on a budget!

Strategy- Be Your Own General Contractor

Some homeowners will elect to directly bring in a group of construction tradesmen and figure out the project as a team. Construction projects can be tons of fun, and with the right skill sets and team members, it can be a very positive experience. Due to the scale of the project, the key will be to make sure that you have licensed contractors that do quality work and are able to pull permits. Ideally those that choose to be their own general contractor have a strong construction background!

Strategy- Hire a Builder Strategy

The majority of homeowners looking to build an ADU will want to hire a builder to lead a project, pull permits, and manage the different trades. This option will be far less work for the homeowner and create a more structured process for the project. The challenge with this option in Charlotte NC, is the lack of builders that have experience building ADU’s and specifically working with the Mecklenburg County Building Code Department as well as the City of Charlotte Zoning Department to bring these projects to life.

If you are interested in a discussion to determine if Hiring a Builder for your ADU project is a good fit, we would love to jump on a call discuss your vision for an ADU or Detached Garage!


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